Scalp Micropigmentation for Denisty

Hair loss happens to a ridiculously large number of the population and it’s the worst nightmare for even the most confident of us out there. This is because we’ve all been formatted by society to believe that it should be thick, glossy and flowing. Our hair is a prerequisite for beauty. It symbolizes health, vitality, and virility. This means visible … Read More

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The Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Loss

Let us not beat around on this one. The benefits of scalp micropigmentation as a hair restoration treatment are bountiful. Flipping the coin on its head, finding downsides really isn’t that easy. But what are these incredible advantages that lie within this contemporary treatment? Scalp Micropigmentation Explained It is only recently that SMP has forged its way into households, making … Read More

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Scalp Micropigmentation and FUE Treatments Combined

Hair loss through pattern baldness is something that is known to be notoriously difficult to reverse. It affects over half the population of American males and just under half of the female population. SMP is certainly a conclusive answer to the problem, however, more people are now turning to scalp micropigmentation and FUE combined. Anyone who has already done their … Read More

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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Look Fake?

For most, the primary purpose of SMP is to recreate an ultimately natural look. It’s not a huge statement piece and most want to just receive treatment and then return to their normal routines with the procedure going undetected. So does scalp micropigmentation look fake? No. However, there are caveats to ensure a natural-looking finish. Scalp micropigmentation is a treatment … Read More

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How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

99% of people ask this question as part of the course. How long does scalp micropigmentation take? And to not put too much of an SMP needle fine point on things – you may as well ask a technician how long a piece of string is. Because there are so many elements involved in any scalp micropigmentation treatment that without … Read More

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Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

There’s nothing like diving in at the deep end when it comes to subject matters. So here goes. Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work? Thankfully, the simple answer to this question is yes. Otherwise, there would be a whole bunch of expensively trained practitioners who would be going out of business daily. And also another bunch of very unhappy people who would … Read More

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Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation in NYC – January 2018

After waiting over a year, I finally spent five days this past month in New Year City training one-on-one with the staff of Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation! Spending most of my time with the amazing Jonathan Gerow himself, I experienced firsthand clients flying in from around the United States to get a coveted appointment with him. I felt like a … Read More

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