Scalp Micropigmentation for Denisty

Hair loss happens to a ridiculously large number of the population and it’s the worst nightmare for even the most confident of us out there. This is because we’ve all been formatted by society to believe that it should be thick, glossy and flowing. Our hair is a prerequisite for beauty. It symbolizes health, vitality, and virility. This means visible scalp is the ultimate no-no – for men and women. We can’t reformat society so we are left with basically two sole options. Put up and shut up – or find a hair restoration solution that actually works – and by that, we mean scalp micropigmentation for density issues.

Diffuse thinning is so rarely discussed which is a bit of a shame. Because if you look at the statistics it forces you to beg the question of how many us out there are actually suffering in silence. So what are the numbers on this debilitating condition? And how can SMP help with the dreaded diffuse thinning?

The 101 on Diffuse Thinning

  • 35 million men and 21 million women in the US are currently experiencing hair thinning
  • Diffuse thinning can happen at any age, and 25% of men will experience the condition before the age of 21
  • Heredity plays a huge role in diffuse thinning with your mother holding the most influential gene pool for hair loss
  • Hair loss is also closely linked to your hormones
  • Pattern baldness accounts for 95% of hair loss cases in men
  • Women find it more difficult to talk about their hair loss than men

SMP for Diffuse Thinning – How Does it Work?

Should you be eligible for scalp micropigmentation treatment, the first thing you’ll be overjoyed to learn is that it is guaranteed to work. This is because it doesn’t promote new hair growth. Instead, it conceals the problem a hair loss sufferer is experiencing. It works by your practitioner implanting natural pigments lightly underneath your skin’s outer surface. The said implants take the form of a series of dots that imitate tiny hair follicles growing underneath the skin. These can be administered underneath your hairline and the end result is a layer of shading that sits below, resulting in an appearance of volume and density.

Another alternative that is becoming increasingly popular in men is to combine follicular unit extraction treatment with SMP. However, this is usually associated with advanced diffuse thinning. Once the FUE has been administered and new growth has begun, the above process takes place in the exact same manner.

No matter the reasons behind your hair loss, it has a devastating impact on a person’s emotional state. For generations, cultures throughout the world have associated a full head of hair with youth and beauty and to lose it has crushing effects. If you would like to discuss your hair loss journey alongside a solution then please reach out to me here at Scottdale Hairlines. I’m always on hand to listen and can provide you with a solution. Scalp micropigmentation for density issues really does work, so why not give it a try?