Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare Guidelines

You are on your way to a style you’ll love. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure the proper healing of your SMP treatment.  Protect your scalp and investment!  We recommend Scalp Guru Professional Aftercare box featuring Scalp Cleansing Wash and Scalp Moisturizer, both formulated specifically for scalp micropigmentation procedures.  The features and benefits of these symbiotic dual products are two fold:  the scalp cleansing wash is for healing and maintenance to minimize flaking and shine, the scalp moisturizer protects and conditions and assists in getting rid of the “shiny” look.  Another bonus:  Scalp Gurus professional scalp care is formulated without SLS (harsh synthetic detergent/foaming agent), parabens (man made harsh preservatives), mineral oil, cruelty free (no cute little bunnies were harmed).  Oh, did we mention the bottles have a pump for quick and easy dispensing? Yeah, we like.




General Post Treatment

Avoid chlorinated pools, saunas, steam rooms, and tanning beds for 28 days post final session.

4-5 Days Post Session


Sweat Heavily (avoid intense exercise)
Rinse, Scrub, Shampoo Area
Shave Over Treated Area
Expose to Long-Term Sunlight
Touch With Hands


Wear a hat or skullcap
Lightly dab area with wet cloth (no soak)
Drink plenty of water
Take medication as prescribed
Sleep anyway you wish

5-7 Days Post Session (until your return for follow-up treatment)


Scratch scalp or at any tiny scabbing
Use any self tanners or skin irritants
Use any shampoos or exfoliants


Carefully shave or cut your hair
Lightly rinse with water
Apply a fragrance-free moisturizer
Resume light exercise