How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Take?

Sherene doing Scalp Micropigmentation

99% of people ask this question as part of the course. How long does scalp micropigmentation take? And to not put too much of an SMP needle fine point on things – you may as well ask a technician how long a piece of string is. Because there are so many elements involved in any scalp micropigmentation treatment that without a proper assessment, it’s super difficult to say.

So to try and unravel that ball of string let’s begin by stating a few obvious facts. There are certain items we can clear up quite easily which are as follows :

SMP Timescales Explained 

  • An average scalp micropigmentation session will take anything from 2 to 5 hours from start to finish 
  • minimum number of treatments, as a general rule of thumb, is 2. A maximum number of treatments required will wholly depend on your particular condition 
  • It’s recommended you leave weekly spaces between each separate scalp micropigmentation treatment 
  • Aftercare routines are crucial and should be added into your schedule under the banner of how long SMP takes 
  • All technicians need a break from time to time throughout any given scalp micropigmentation session to allow for artistic continuity and to avoid fatigue owing to the intensity – this must be scheduled into the timescales 
  • How long SMP treatment takes depends on a multitude of factors, including skin physiology, reasons for treatment and if it is hair loss or scar concealments

The above is a very approximate guideline to give you an insight into roughly how long you can expect your SMP to take. However, it’s really important to remember that each patient and each disorder is unique.

The treatment process begins with an initial consultation. This is ok to do over skype or even telephone and with a photograph, however, seeing is always believing and a quick check over directly in the clinic is a preferable choice.

During your first consultation evaluations will be made concerning the extent of your hair loss by using the Norwood Scale, for men or the Ludwig for women. These scales are the leading classification system used to measure hair loss. In addition to current hair loss evaluations, technicians are trained to recognize signs to enable evaluations future hair loss. This is imperative when creating a best-fit solution hair restoration plan. It’s advisable to leave a week or so, minimum, between first consultation and beginning treatment to digest the information you’ve been given.

Once this evaluation process is over, your scalp micropigmentation treatment can begin. During your SMP sessions, it’s a great idea to wear something comfortable to ensure maximum ease and also don’t hesitate to bring along a snack for yourself for those technicians and client down-times.

So let us just revert back to the original question. How long does scalp micropigmentation take? By now, it should all be a little clearer. However, if you’d like to discuss SMP treatments in more detail at Scottsdale Hairlines, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. Alternatively, just reach out by email here and begin by chatting about your hair restoration needs.