Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation in NYC – January 2018

After waiting over a year, I finally spent five days this past month in New Year City training one-on-one with the staff of Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation! Spending most of my time with the amazing Jonathan Gerow himself, I experienced firsthand clients flying in from around the United States to get a coveted appointment with him. I felt like a groupie rockstar!

We worked on scar camouflage which I already do, but I refined the technique from him. I learned technical aspects such as the importance of not too much density in first session, as well as aftercare and his proprietary spray-reducing inflammation and redness of the scalp.

Many thanks to Nelson for being my model who liked my work. (He happens to be a chef for Drew Barrymore.) I got to do consult hair line design and shave Nelson’s head down to the entire crown of his head.

My five days were long, but amazingly rewarding! I spent many appointments, dinners and cab rides with Jonathan, his partner Erik Roberto and Juan. I’m planning on returning again in March for more training with the revered Jonathan Gerow!

  • Jonathan Gerow Micropigmentation Model
    Nelson, before micropigmentation
  • Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation
    Nelson, after micropigmentation, with Sherene

Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp micropigmentation in progress

Meet Nelson, the model I worked with at Jonathan Gerow Scalp Micropigmentation in NYC